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In the catchment area of ​​the Basilica, we offer this home with truly impressive dimensions. Thi...

Gelistet von:
Mongyi Erika
Alberlet.hu Ingatlan Kft.


Nádor Strasse
5. Bezirk
Nördlicher Váci Str. Bereich
Very Central Pest


Sein Preis apartment:
  • Preis:
  • 135,00 million HUF
  • 326.087 thousand €

  • Gem. Gebühren.
  • 72.000 huf /mo
Enthält: -

Wesentliche Daten

  • Verfügbar ab: jetzt
  • Schlafzimmer:
  • Zimmer: 2
  • Badezimmer: 1
  • Indoor size: 108 m2
  • Möbliert
  • Heating: House central heating
  • Aussicht: Faces street
  • Apartment
  • Built: 1826
  • Apartment cond: need renovation
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  • Hat Aufzug
                                    In the catchment area of ​​the Basilica, we offer this home with truly impressive dimensions. This is also supported by the fact that in the current layout of the hall, living room + 1 bedroom is the property. The two large rooms face Nádor Street with 4 windows facing west, and a Chain Bridge with a panoramic view of Mérleg Street is a real curiosity on the Pest side.

The apartment is in a condition to be renovated, but is stable for many years, with a young group of tenants. With the base, the new owner can dream of a living room + 2 bedrooms, a new bedroom and a good-sized kitchen-dining room in the hall.

Of course, high ceilings, bourgeois interior.

An elevator is at the entrance to Libra Street in the other wing of the building. We get to the apartment through a nice closed arcade (not a gang).

The property is located in the building of the former Tigris Hotel, built in 1826 and designed by József Hild, in the courtyard of which Ferenc Liszt also visited the concert hall. And Kossuth, who lives next door, edited a paper. The added value of a real apartment is our apartment, as the former builders of this building have repeatedly filled an average tenement house, which has always been preserved in a beautiful condition by the always careful owners for the present age.

The next street is the now renewed Danube bank, with the Gresham Hotel and Academy.

The house is stable, tidy, renovated inside and out, preserving the spirit of the age.                              
Alberlet.hu Ingatlan Kft.
Mongyi Erika

magyar, english
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