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We defined a small area, the direct neighborhood of the spectacular building of the Nyugati Railway Station as our next quarter to explore. This is a central zone alongside the Grand Boulevard and its main square, the Nyugati square opposite to the railway station. 


"Nyugati" means western but it doesn't really refer to the direction. It was the name of the railway company that founded the station in 1877. For all Hungary it is a fact to be proud of that the station building was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the same gentleman who is worldwide famous for his signature work, the Eiffel Tower and also for the structural elements of the Liberty Statue in New York.


The station building and the Nyugati square and the Nyugati building are the two determinate elements of the area but it is worth to pay attention to the rest. For example the beginning of the wide city road, Podmaniczky road is also an attractive street with its big streets on both sides of the street, with some beautiful building frontages and unique gastronomic venues. 



This is one of the few zones that can be characterized as maybe the most urbanized, most metropolitan face of Budapest: always huge traffic, big urban roads are meeting here, many people are on the street day and night, many big city lights, crowded subway, big office buildings, malls, historical residential buildings.

The basics of the atmosphere

- very urban

- vibrant

- quite raw - just how it is...

- different people from the lower till the upper classes

- various shops

- one of the craziest subways, repeatadly with religious perfomrances

- quite a few beggars

- quite a few bars and coffees - mostly not so special ones, not so modern ones

- authentic restaurants of different nations (Italian, Japenese)

- unique restaurants (jungles theme, knight theme)


One summer night at Eiffel Square

Picnic on your own in daylight at Eiffel Square

Start your date with someone at the traditional dating spot of Budapest, "under the clock"

Eat in Sir Lancelot Restaurant just as knights did

Locate the "Pótkulcs" (Replacement key) pub and witness a subcultural (with high chance Hungarian) musical event there!