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Király 30-32, Party District (Once Jewish District), 6th district

Kiraly Court / Király Udvar


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The Király Court were constructed in three building blocks, in 2003. In the three eight-storied building blocks of the Király Court has a total of 140 apartment units, with floor areas varying between 32 and 136 m2 in size, including the penthouse apartments situated on the topmost story, while the parking space provides accommodation for 160 cars. 

The main entrance of the residential building is situated at the corner of Király Street and Székely Mihály Street, where an evocative lounge receives those entering the building. The reception service, which is accommodated here, is responsible for checking arrivals and departures and also provides information and dispatching, in addition to monitoring the movement of motorcars. Each apartment is accessible from the main entrance; at the same time, the individual staircases have a direct entrance on the ground-floor. The three buildings embrace an interior court in the shape of an ellipse, which consists of two stories, the upper hanging garden – with a fountain in the middle – and the lower relaxation park. The small creek that flows from the fountain is connected to the lower garden by a cascade and those in need of relaxation can reach the benches in this oasis of tranquility by crossing a small bridge over the creek. The wrought iron handrails of the terraces, with their restrained decoration, refer to the handrail of the cloisters of the previous Classicist building and they also articulate the façade. When, years ago, the buildings that stood on the site of Király Court were vacated, and then demolished due to their dangerous state of, two bulkhead advertisements were discovered, dating back to the 19th century and advertising the shops of the late Mór Grossmann and Kristóffy & Németh. As it was not possible to peel off and preserve the advertisements painted on the bulkhead, the Autóker expertly covered the old advertisements and housed the photograph made of them in the Photo Archive of the Kiscelli Museum of the Budapest Historical Museum, and in the aula of the Király Court, a 2x1-metre true-to-life oil painting is exhibited to preserve the memory of both former shops.