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Ipoly 4, Lipócia, 13th district

Kleopatra House


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The Cleopatra House handed over in 2003 and is situated in at the northern border of Central Pest Side, between Danube and Váci Office Corridor. 
The six nine-storied residential towers that can be found at equal distance from one another, situated on the plot bordered by the Streets Kárpát – Ipoly – Pannónia and Gogol, is a paramount site of Újlipótváros.
There are 446 apartments, their areas vary between 40 and 108 square meters, most homes being of 65 to 70 square meters. The so-called garden-connected apartments positioned on the same story as the garden were a great success, which provide a unique opportunity to those who would like to live close to the downtown, but also would like to have a small green area at least.

On the topmost 9th story, penthouse apartments were built, varying between 80 and 150 square meters in area. 

The special value of the Cleopatra House lies in its clean design and transparent structure, which fit in well with the neighboring blocks of flats, and, at the same time, thanks to its airy façade, it is also the pride of the District.
The comfort of the residents of the Cleopatra House is provided for by the prudently designed park situated above street level, and by the Cleopatra Wellness. The center of the sports facility that provides numerous sports facilities is the swimming pool lit by natural light. Another attractive feature is that the residents of the house have direct access to several shops, which means that they don’t even need to leave the house (of course, only if they do not want to) to do their shopping.