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The Czech, the not German and the British - The bars to the left from Margaret Boulevard

Nowadays, the Buda side and the Pest are in a long lasting contradiction with each other in the eyes of the local people. The Budapest residents think too easy that everything happens in Pest, and there is no such thing as “night life” in Buda. This is only partly true. In the matter of the pubs and bars Buda has also a lot to offer and the hidden gems you can find here are often even more worth the effort to locate them.

Now for all of you who consider to rent an apartment on the calmer but still interesting Buda side, I help you by revealing what type of pubs and bars you can expect to find there. Lets start this discovery with the buzziest rental and pub areas of District Two, right after you leave the Margaret bridge (Margit híd) behind.

Only few people are aware but the Budapest Grand Boulevard keep going on also in Buda. This means that this part also have a 0-24 tramline (4 or 6) that makes the local pubs and also the apartments very easy to approach. Let’s explore the pubs are bars left from the Margaret Boulevard (Margit körút).

Although, the most essential hideout for gastronomical venues is the starting, still pedestrian etap of Frankel Leo street, you don’t have to give up upon bars after it. The second parallel street is called Tölgyfa (Oak) street includes two cool and one of a kind bar restaurants with rare type of beers and food menu.


Pivohalle - A Checz Beer Restaurant


Pivohalle was opened in 2013 as the second brasserie of the manager, Károly, a true believer of good quality Checz Beer. After 3 years of experience of serving beer, he wanted to add good Checz warm food to the features and fortunate for all of us, he did it the best way possible and opened Pivohalle.

It comes with 6 beer taps of ever changing variety and a lot of bottled beers (even rare ones - in Hungary - like Kocur or Flying Cloud). The menu consist of starters, warm second courses (5PM-10PM) and beer menus: apretif, food and the beer of the week.

They not only have strictly checz food but also courses from the surroundings. You have to try the Strapacska, Slovakian potato noodles with roasted bacon and bryndza (spicy sheep cheese) and the Hermelin (Camabert-like Checz cheese marinated in spicey oil).

Also the atmosphere of Pivohalle is worth for a visit. It is historical-rustic, with many wooden surfaces, old type of beautiful mosaic floor, marbel counter, wide mirror alongside the bar, etc. You can feel here like in a culture center of the 70’s-80’s in Hungary. But it still very comfy and clean on pleasant standard.

You can reserve for big companies but it is eternal choice to seat at the bar to meet other beer lovers to catch up with. There are all type of people, young and old, male and female. The bartenders speak English, some more, some less.

Mostly recommended for: wide selection of Czech beers, delicious beer snacks and warm pub foods, unique socialist-era atmosphere on pleasant standard of gastronomy 


Osterbräu - Only fake German but still original


Osterbräu is the second venue in Tölgyfa street partly dedicated to a nation. The name seem to refer to a German speaking nation but the tap beers here are originally Hungarian from small craft breweries from the county of Budapest: Brandecker and the name giving Osterbräu. You can find also occasional beers on tap, like we did with Hangover Rasta IPA (Brancdecker Coperation with a famouse Hungarian brewer, Armando Otcha).

Besides the beer they have a wide selection of other drinks. The lady who I asked in the bar was most proud of the Cardhu Single Malt Whiskey.

For the first sight Osterbräu is a mixure of a pub and the resturant. There is darts and table soccer, in the corner next to the wide counter.

From the other hand the bigger part of the space seem to be a more solid but still homey and relaxed restaurant. There a lot of reddish wood in the design, quite a few paintings and graphics on the wall, wooden chairs.

In the time of our Saturday night visit, in the latests opening hour there were young people, a couple and a bigger company. But the atmosphere is well suited for everyone, middle aged or even above. Because there is a lot of space and many movable chairs and tables you can come here with many friends.

You can order a’la card from a complete menu (beer snacks, starters, main courses, pastas, salads). For me most the Földműves tál (Hungarian Farmer Plate) seemed to be the most promising title. If you fall in love with the place at nights, you can return in the daylight because they have also daily lunch menu. They speak English.

The next pub you can find alongside the boulevard is originally quite a long walk to do and it is the Erőd street called Champs. It wasn’t open anymore in the time we went there so I will submit it in an other post. Let’s jump to the next one.

Mostly recommended for: Eating well and drinking well at the same time. Tap beers rare to find. 


Pointer Pub - An English Dog in Budapest


Right on the Margit Boulevard a Pointer Pub is to find. It is part of an English style pub chain with big pizzas and the Hunter’s beer trademark brewed by a Hungarian craft brewery. The name of the dog was given after an English dog breed. The first place was opened in 2007. Now 6 Pointer Pubs are operating in the inner districts of Budapest. This is the only one on the Buda side.

It’s a place to make even traditional, higher class English gentlemen feel at home. The equipment, the materials, the colors and the whole climate really reminds one of an English Pub. Only the carpeted floor is missing.

source: Pointer Pub Facebook Page

this photos is from the Pointer Pub Facebook Page

There are some beers of Great Britain and Ireland too (Bombadier, Guiness) on tap, along with Hungarian and other import ones (Dreher, HB) In this exact venue we’ve also found the up to date Dreher Dry Hopped beer on the tap and several beers in bottles.

In the time of our visit, we bumped into a cheerful birthday party which led us talk to the people who frequent here on weekly base. The residents of this neighbourhood seem to like this place and to find it a reliable meeting poping. Not to mention that its opening hours are longer than usual in this area. (3PM-1AM from Sunday till Tuesday and till 2:00AM from Wednesday till Saturday)

They are cooperating with a near real Itallian restaurant to get quickly pizzas, pastas and salads on the tables. The kitchen is open till 10:00 PM. But you have the usual Hungarian beer snacks all the time: chips, ropi, peanutes, even seasoned peanuts.

There is a Wine of the house - red, white, rosé and a few bottled wines (ca. 4 types) and all there is selection of all the general liqurures, bitters and spirits.

This Pointer Pub has no special events, expect broadcasting the main sport events but you can reserve even the whole place to a private party and arrange your own prefered food to serve. You can come also spontaneously with bigger companys - a table for 12 is easy to manage.  

Mostly recommended for: English Pub Climate, One of Kind Chaos of the globalism: Order Italian food into an English style pub in Hungary. Being able to stay out longer than in other places at the Buda side. 


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