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Posted On: 2018-07-30 23:35:23,

The most visited apartment link of the week on AoB! (4th week of July 2018)

The most visited apartment link of the week on AoB!

We are on the threshold of the busiest season of the rental market. New and returning students start to hunt down the flats for the new semester. Companies hire new people and send them to Budapest from all over the world. In such a period it’s even twice as interesting what the most visited apartment is like.

The apartment most people clicked on the previous week is the following:

What can make it so attractive to achieve the most clicks?

It is a one bedroom apartment in the seventh district, right in the middle, in Rózsa utca, next to the beautiful Rózsák tere (=Square of the roses). The location is not the party district anymore, much calmer but there is still complete infrastructure: it’s situated between two subway stations, and close to more universities.

It is in a newly built apartment building and it comes with a balcony. Also the design is clear and modern, and the apartment is fully furnished, so the concept is compatible with such people’s needs who are new in the country. It’s important that the first pictures was chosen cleverly. It reveals many features of the above mentioned options.

There are non-identical rental fees listed for diverse terms of rental. As a result it can attract people who are looking apartments for different tenancy periods. That makes is also optional for more visitors.

If you have a free apartment for rent as well, here you can see how you can advertise it

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