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Posted On: 2018-08-22 12:10:15,


Now that we are getting deeper and deeper into the new student season, the competition for the best flats gets tougher. It's an exciting question what size, what type and of which Budapest district the most popular apartment comes in such a crowded phase like the second week of August.

Let's pull down the veil:

Basically it is a one room apartment, studio-like but literally it is not a studio apartment because the kitchen is separated with a corridor from the combination of the living room and bedroom:


This is a resident-friendly layout in the category. Despite it is small and has no actual bedroom, it is not too compact and feels like a real home. As for a start even the size of 37 sqm qualifies it among the bigger Budapest one-permise apartments. In this case also the mezzanine is the right addition. A "gallery" as it is called in Budapest, is not an obviously popular feature on the rental market. Most of them are older ones, with less tastefully wooden design not matching the image of a cool 2018 apartment. 

The mezzanine is more solid one than usual, with the blue metal railing which is a rare combination and becomes the leading element of the visual concept. Not to mention the functional role: creating a discrete sleeping area. The spots lights on the bottom are a clever "two birds with one stone" practice either. It makes a bright flat even brighter.

In this case of this Lónyay street apartment we face immediately attractive first impressions: a new and clean rental space at the first sight with cozy airy layout of the furniture.

It is completely furnished and equipped, and looking at details some basic peaces of furniture are not extraordinary at all (for example the sofa) but cleverly shaken up with colorful accessories. Using enough but not too much colors are good tactics by designing a trendy apartment. In this case the pillows and the shell chair at the desk are the most effective features.  

The heating system is the public winner, circo (individual gas heating). There is also a flat screen TV, not just some old thick one from grandma's attic. And just right below you see the signs of Internet that can be more comforting than we probably would think - some foreign people are too afraid of not getting later any internet in the strange and unknown Hungary. 

Other small household items show up on the pictures like kitchen stuff ironing board. These small but not insignificant details support the homey feeling based on elemental belongings such as the carpet, curtain and pillows. 

The bathroom is a nice one either, not too rigid but still elegant. Even better are the tiles in the kitchen with particolar, progressive color and spotlight illumination.

About storage places and seats: there is big closet in the corridor so it can be halfly considered as a wardrobe and there is enough space in the kitchen to sit down with your plate and coffee. 

So much of the goodness, lets focus a bit on the weaker links, lets try at least! Only two cooking plates! The flat is situated on the groundfloor which could make it less requested but practically on the given terms it is not a great issue. The windows face the  wide street and that keeps it luminous. And we don't get a clue about the refrigerator - of course that can mean a number of things yet. 

After all the most visited apartment link of the week appears to have less failure than most of the Budapest rentals. And it also have to because in the one room flat category (studio and Hungarian term: "garzon") it counts as a rather more expensive one with the monthly 470 Euros.

It still a good an attractive option for many seekers. We had a deeper look at the inner features but we can rightly assume that its popularity also relies on the location.The new uni semester is coming when the demand blossoms in the university areas. Lónyay street is in a quarter of 4-5 buildings of different unis. But excluding the "campus situation" is also an attractive downtown spot, close to everything: Danube, the subway lines, the 0-24 operating trams, nr. 4 and 6. You can get here everything without always being on the tourist photos of strange people in the background. Less people know that the Lónyay street is a calmer urban way between popular touristy destinations (Váci street, Ráday street, Kálvin square, Fővám square).

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