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Posted On: 2018-11-16 10:46:50,

The most visited apartment link of the week on AoB! (2nd week of November 2018)

It's high time to meet again the most visited apartment of a certain period. We picked a random week to find out which apartment link has motivated our website users for the most clicks during 7 days. 

This time it was a spacious apartment that consists of three bedroom, a big living room and two bathrooms. This layout makes it already a rarer, specific type not to mention that this all is to be found in the popular, internationally noted Andrássy avenue that is a click magnet itself.

As we start to browse the pictures we realize the presence of the balcony quite sudden. It faces the beautiful Kodály körönd, the most impressive part on Andrássy avenue outside the Grand Boulevard.

And not only the the basic features are appealing but also the added style is completely alright despite some more frequently used decoration elements like the comic style woman on the wall. 

Small details can indeed influence the success of the renting but those are things which you can always reconsider during the way. Much more critical components are the rough attributes as the design of the bathrooms that are quite alright in case of the inspected apartments.

Same for the kitchen: high gloss cupboards get high ratings among the flat seekers. The flat is completely furnished and equipped as it is highly required in the category and in this neighbourhood. 


It is still a mysterious question if it really finds a tenant in this exact price level due to the general mindset of many flat seekers that keeps them inside the Grand Boulevard. It is a great quest for an estate agent to show them how blue sky is above Andrássy avenue even at Kodály Körönd


It is an encouraging fact that apartments of higher price and size can be the most visited link of a week. But after all we can't really know how many dreamers pushed the button besides the real target group.  

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