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Posted On: 2019-01-07 17:11:14,

The most visited apartment link of the week on AoB! (1st week of January 2019)

Suprise to everyone, but the most visited apartment in the beginning of the new student season was a luxury flat of a higher price level, not a typical student apartment.

If we look closer we can soon realize that from every possible point of view, the value of the apartmant matches its price. First all it is in the most popular district of all, the 5th(!)

(Please note that in the newsletter of January we presented also a neighborhood guide to the middle part of the 5th district. You can find it HERE)


This apartment is situated in the south part of the district, called the "Belváros" = "City Center". This is the most central, most crowded district part and at the same time, the most touristy but also a very popular choice to live because also the infrastructure here is the best. Many shops, especially design shops, world trademark stores, souvenir shops, touristy or high class restaurants, a great selection from every possible goodies that you can imagine. On the stage of this elegant, renovated streets there are also supermarkets or smaller shops to choose from. 

The exact street where this apartment is to find, the Dorottya street is a continuation of the axis of such tourist magnet places like the old Váci shopping street and Vörösmarty square, one of the most elegant squares of Budapest. Dorottya street alone is famous on the Budapest apartment market for its completely reconstructed classy building, the Dorottya palace that is currently the a luxury residence and is said to be the most expensive address of the Pest side in the Budapest rental universe. 




The layout is simply the perfect one for quasi every need. Starting from the more unique living room + three bedroom and two bathrooms arrangement till the additional premises (third guest toilet, wardrobe, balcony and also the kitchen with dining is separated from the living room). Furthermore every single room has the intended size. The smaller bedrooms are also above 12 square meters and the master bedroom is above 15 square meter size. 

As for the bathrooms, it is always an advantage on condition of two bathrooms if one them has a shower and the other a bathtub. In this case we got even more. The main bathroom has shower and bathtub at the same time while the bathroom of the master bedroom has a further shower. 



No wonder that this apartment got so many clicks because it could be in a flat design magazine of any internationally important metropolitan city. It's matching the current trends but still has its own character.

And it is not only attractive it is also cleverly done. The breezy furniture arrangement keeps the "wide space" feeling for the flat resident.

Practically it seem to have enough storage space in every corner (corridors, bedrooms and bathrooms too). The several places to sit makes the flat also comfortable for bigger flatmate companies, families and even for having.


It is hard to predict for such an apartment on what price it will be exactly rented out for. In this price category (ca. 3000 euro) the prices are not so fix list-like prices. But to summarize the above consequences, an up to date, stylish design-apartment with a luxury concept, perfect layout and furnishing in the most requested area must achieve the best price possible. It is an other questions when it will actually find its tenant because on this level there aren't dozens of applying tenant every day.

The fact that it was the most visited apartment link is may in connection with the new year's vows. Maybe more people were looking for the perfect apartment to promise themselves that they will be able to rent one like this till the end of the new year.

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