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Posted On: 2019-04-14 22:37:29,

The most visited apartment link of the week on AoB! (1st week of April 2019)

The most visited apartment link of the week is even from the perspective of the editor quasi the most interesting element of the news letter. We are always curious what the trends are like and which apartments attract the most visitors of our webpage to click. The most visited apartment link of first week of April is doubtlessly worth its title and the special attention, even after a deeper analysis:

This is one living room and 2 separate bedroom apartment with open-plan kitchen. An absolutely trendy one but still with homey furnishing and comfortable big spaces.

The flat is situated in the worthily popular gastrostreet, the Ráday. It is no wonder at all that is has seduced the most visitors. Furthermore it is in a fairly decent building, on the top floor and so despite facing the courtyard it can be still bright.

It is such a product on the rental market that could be a success even on trend dictator internationally meaningful rental portals and it's still fairly practical. 

Let's go deeper! Also the size is advantageous. A two bedroom apartment on 75 sqm is big enough to have premises without any compromise. Our current Ráday street flat is a role model for this statement. We can see two bedrooms of full value. Comfy and cozy double bed are placed in them.

Mechanically we can be also satisfied because a brand new circo system is said to be responsible for the heating which is easy-to-use and economical solution at the same time. No wonder that is still one of the most beloved heating types. 

The above-praised appearance is still pure in a good way, not too much. There is enough and well-positioned lightning. One other thing worth the emphasis - especially in Hungary - the "home staging" used during the photo shooting. 

Besides the above physical features the flat is a good deal from financial perspective. It is not overpriced, matching the category is a good deal for the future tenant. Whoever will rent it, gets a good quality for the money. The common cost is a decent enough either. 

Remember: not every 1 living room and two bedrooms apartment can reach the level of 750 Euro rental fee in the spring of 2019. The location, the basic conditions are not something to neglet. Neither the additional value added to the apartment. All of these are important parts of the overall picture that defines the right price. Is paying off when an apartment owner puts extra energy, conscious concept, taste and attention into creating a complex rental residence. Whoever wants to skip or can't afford it, has to accept that his flats will be less successful in the category. 

This most visited apartment was renovated and furnished by the Property Agency who is not supporter nor advertiser of portal or current post. Mentioning their name is only acknowledgement of their work.

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