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Posted On: 2019-08-27 07:49:46,

The most visited apartment link of the week on AoB! (19th August - 25th August 2019)

The last week most visited apartment is a charming, newly renovated, little retro designed, with nice mixture of classical line and modern taste, studio apartment:

The apartment is located in Bródy Sándor street, in the nice and renewed Palace Quarter.

Just next to the famous and pedestrians Krúdy street, only in some minutes by walk from Kálvin Square and as well from the about parties and ruin bars popular 7th district, Kazinczy and Wesselényi street.

If we would walk to the direction of József krt., here we meet Rákoczi Square, a present continuously developing, renewed nice area with its Market Hall and local places like ‘Rákóczi Étterem’ and ‘Csiga Café’.

The Market Hall is a middle sized one and here we can find all local fruits and vegetables (if we would like to taste an originally local, in Hungary grew up or produced tomato, potato, marmalade, honey or sausage for example - there is a local producer queue in the Hall for it), eat a nice ‘Lángos’, try different variety of cheese, or try a tasty omelet for breakfast.

If we are breakfast lovers, on both this places, inside the Market Hall and Csiga Café too can provide us rich and tasty food for a good start of the day.

Summa Summarum, if we speak about location, this apartment is on a really nice centre place. And we still did not mention that more Unis are here around like ELTE, Pázmány, SOTE etc..  and that all underground lines are around, and tram 4-6 and trolley and busses… These all give a plus, more highly attractive point for the home-seekers.

And let's enter into the building and the top visited apartment.

The building is a classical one, renovated, with 3 floors. It has a nice entrance gate and a classical type, typical Budapest feeling court inside, with from building around floor inside accessible apartments.






The flat is located on ground floor but still pretty lighted and with a nice outside view!



How we enter we can taste a spacious feeling inside, the layout provides us as well this characteristics.

So how we step into, we find ourself in an entrance hall with its full furnishing: comfortable places for jackets and shoes and we can see just full cross the flat: seeing toward to the main centre, as in focus of the apartment, the main living-sleeping function spacious and sunny room.

But let’s go step-by-step.

How we entered, just here from the right opens the windowed, lighted kitchen and dining:


We can see a nice design and a mixed texture of colors, combined the natural line basic beige with the see blue and clear white, which mixtures give us a warmly, friendly, at home feeling.

How we look at the pictures, it is easy to imagine where to cut the onion for the dinner and just feel the smell of a great dish, or that just to spend a little time here in the morning for waking up, just next to the window with a fresh, tasty French croissant and an orange juice :) for a great and peace starting of our day.

It is a fully equipped kitchen, with everything which is needed, and all have its place inside the kitchen built-in furniture.

The small design elements like the pink flower in the window, the design tables on the wall - as we would be in a café - and the spice and oil holders on the table, the effect of all these provide us together a friendly, warm feeling with a fashion line.

Going forward, we achieve a small living function hall area. With 2 huge and comfortable, retro line feeling sofas, and do not forget to mention the carpets here with its colorful lines, the retro feeling pictures on the wall, the big ball design lamp and the yellow color ball lamp on the table, as well as the beautiful monumental mirror on the wall.

These together harmonization provides and strength inside us a retro feeling with classical mixture, as we would be little in an older century with all its elegance but still by holding the modern line. Natural basic colors with clear elegance taste.


Our next stop is the bathroom, which is on a well-situated place, as it opens from this entrance hall. Easy achieve for everyone: between the kitchen and main room, very practical if we have guests in the apartment.

The charming design line continues in the bathroom too, how we step in, we can see the classical print shower curtain, the pictures on the wall as we would be on a sailing trip on the see - maybe somewhere in the middle of the Adriatic Ocean - this taste in its harmony with the green towels and the big ball design lamp.

The bathroom itself gives us a clean feeling with its white color and wall. And here is what is required for a nice bathroom: bath-tube, toilet, washstand, of course a mirror and as well different sizes of towels and its suitable holding places.


And hereby, stepping out from the bathroom, back into the hall, our eyes go for the main and most important part of the apartment, the spacious room:


An elegant, huge, classical white door enters us into this lighted, warm feeling, spacious room. 

We can see how the line continuous, flowering and get a more detailed focus here, completing the previous spaces for a whole. Huge classical windows with elegant blue curtains, combined with the sofa style and its blue color. The pink flowers say hello us again, giving the frame of the natural green design, together harmonizing with the kitchen and hall flowers.

The good quality, renewed parquetry with the same color line spacious sofa and double-bed, and on the héra covered marble, as well the lightly different color game of the picture on the wall, all harmonizing and strength us here again the natural, retro classical but still with modern implementation design line. The colors of the earth we can find in the carpet and in case of the ball design lamps too. A light color difference which with harmony can fit to each other: blue and grey.

The renewed antique design as it was seen in the hall too, here we can find in the mirror and in the renovated classical worktable.

The basic white walls allows for all these details to grow up, get its own characters and harmony.

The small, nice ideas as the flowers, game with the nicely and in harmony together fit colors, the furniture and equipment materials, these all around here can provide us this warm and friendly feeling, as we would be just at home.

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