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Posted On: 2019-08-28 15:46:45,

AoB Asking Price Statistics - Apartments For Rent - 1 Bedroom Apartments 2018 - 2019

Dear Owners, Real-Estate Partners!

Our recent statistics analysis focus on an earlier already measured category: the 1 bedroom plus living room apartments. In our analysis we compared the last year data with this year same period data.

The 1 bedroom plus living room category is a famous segment for investors, owners, as it generally shows a high demand on the market. It is one of the most frequent search of the home-seekers, furthermore it can provide a pretty high income in case of a smaller size apartment investment as well.

The 1 bedroom plus living room category can be suitable for more type of home-seekers: we can speak about 1 person or a pair, as well in case of if the apartment was structured that the living room has own entrance too, this can give the opportunity for rent for 2 independent persons, and hereby we took the direction to the 2 bedroom category, which can allow us to set still a higher rental fee.

It is important to take into consideration, balance and think over it, that still if we have 2 rooms with own accesses (so the bedroom and as well the living room have own entrances), do we have enough space, m2 in the apartment? It is requested to have a plus space which can be suitable as common place for our tenants. So balance it, if our kitchen-dining is spacious enough to replace the living room function, or maybe can it be possible to construct a separated smaller place for this function.

We are by the end of August presently, for now a nice number of apartments are already out from the market, and more home-seekers managed to find their right home in Budapest too. But we should not forget a strongly significant segment of the market, those home-seekers who let their apartment choice just for the last minute.

At the end of August- first weeks of September a strong wave of the searchers are still waiting for us, which will achieve its top on the market by their arrival to Budapest.

This time generally we can give for rent our apartments on a pretty nice higher rental fee too, as the market starts to become lack of supply.

And let’s check the numbers in 2018 and 2019.

Between the period middle July and August 2018, in case of the 1 bedroom plus living room general characteristics apartments (so it does not have those special conditions which could create an extra high or extra low affect on the rental fee) advertised on AoB, we can see the following prices (apartments were measured based on 3 category: under 38m2, between 38-52 m2 and above 52 m2)



Average Price: 668 Euro/month

Median Price: 556 Euro/month

Minimum Average Price: 434 Euro/month

Maximum Average Price: 1500 Euro/month


And the 2019 year results are as follows



Average Price: 671 Euro/month

Median Price: 631 Euro/month

Minimum Average Price: 433 Euro/month

Maximum Average Price: 1222 Euro/month


This year shows a change in the number of the middle prices, as it increased for 631 Euro (2018 data is 556 Euro), which means an 11% raise. The average prices are really similar, does not give a high difference of the 2 measured years: in 2019 671 Euro, in 2018 668 Euro.

Difference as well, that compared to the 2018 data, the average maximum price shows a smaller decrease. The 1500 Euro average maximum price is 1222 Euro this year.

Besides, very interesting data is, that in case of the 1 bedroom plus living room advertised apartments on AoB which size is smaller than 38m2, the lowest rental fee was 459 Euro price. In the category of the 1 bedroom plus living room apartments with above 52m2 size, the highest rental fee was promoted on above 2000 Euro, with its 2007 Euro defined rental fee. These mentioned both specified data prices are high numbers in case of the average 1 bedroom plus living room apartment segment.

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