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Pest Side, 13th district



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Up from Margit Bridge – Nyugati Square section of Grand Boulvard to Gogol street and between the Danube and Váci Office Corridor.


This neighbourhood is like a well isolated town of Budapest, it is bordered on the West by the Danube and on the East by a wide zone of railway tracks (going to Western Railway Station). Its centre, Szent István Park, is a large green gated park with playgrounds close to the Danube. On the corner of the park is Dunapark Coffee House, one of the best restaurants and confectioneries on the Pest side with elegant art-deco interior and it has a large outdoor space. All around the square, which is open to the Danube  there are luxury penthouse apartments on the tops of buildings with an amazing view to the Danube and to Buda side hills.


Újlipótváros has a different landscape compared to other central Pest neighbourhoods, its development started in the 1920's. Here are mainly bauhaus buildings (built between the two World Wars) in a good condition and with temporary middle class habitants.These apartments match rather more the modern needs than classical apartments: with a more  efficient layout (not so large rooms, more separate rooms) and with not so high ceilings. Most of these buildings have building central heating.  Wide streets with parking places characterize its public spaces. Small, familiy owned but designed shops in a row offer updated urban services and products.


Rooftop projects and a lot of new buildings were finished in the last decade, most of them are standalone buildings but there are some large developments with gated inner parks and recreational facilities as well (Caesar House, Kleopatra House, Roman Garden..).


The Lehel Square Market Hall has an astounding postmodern design and it is the best market hall on the Pest side, it offers a wide range of fresh and tasty vegetables, fruits… and everything that is necessary to your gourmet kitchen. And everything comes for a decent price.


The blue metro line goes along the Eastern border of Újlipótváros, tram lines 4 and 6 go on the Southern border and the inner transport of the neighbourhood are trolley-buses and bus lines.