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This part of the city goes from Szabadság Square on the South up until Grand Boulevard on the North;  bordered by the Danube on the West and by Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road on the East.

It includes famous places like the Hungarian Parlament, Kossuth Square and Szabadság (Liberty) Square, as well as the beautiful Ministry buildings, Falk Miksa street.

It is located by the middle of Budapest, in more points of view too is  a centre point of the country, for example in tourist, commercial, administrative and business aspects.



The neighborhood has a chessboard-like street system: narrow and wide streets with wide roads (but without transit traffic) and wide, often tree-planted pavements and a lot of parking places.

Large classical (late-eclectic) buildings, sometimes with new rooftop apartments.


Renewed classical building projects

Classical buildings


Spacious places, squares, wide streets


The Hungarian Parlament with the belonging "main square of the country", Kossuth tér:

The Hungarian Parlament

The Hungarian Parlament 


Kossuth Square

Kossuth Square

The Parlament view from under Margit Bridge

 The beautiful Ministry buildings and other public institutions


Magyar Államkincstár (Hungarian State Treasury) 


MTA - Magyar Tudományos Akadámia (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

The shoes on the Danube Bank: a memorial statue installation of the victims of WW2, killed at this spot and living their shoes behind. 

Shoes on the Danube Bank


The Columbo Statue, as an old favorite


 Columbo Statue 

As a green neighbor: the Margaret Island

Margit (Margaret) Island



Szabadság tér (Liberty Square) is just on the Southern border, it is a large, green and sunshiny square with a playground and with a 3  level underground parking garage.

Playground on Szabadság (Liberty) Square

It is one of the main and biggest squares of Budapest, we can enjoy our time in restaurants, buffets, and visit more historical statues as well.

Café and Restaurant in the middle of Szabadság (Liberty) Square

Banks around Szabadság (Liberty) Square

 On its one side, we can see the US Embassy:

The US Embassy

 And there are more architectural beautiful buildings around:

Buildings of Szabadság (Liberty) Square

Here is the Soviet (red army) memorial statue too, which is a really divisive war memorial according to people opinion, but still a really attractive sightseeing place for tourists.

The Soviet (red army) Memorial Statue on Szabadság (Liberty) Square

Nice to do: go and locate the Ronald Reagan Statue and hold his hand for a photo like every keen tourist does:


Ronald Reagen Statue

Olimpiai Park (Olympic park): The park was renewed in 2014 and became one of the gems of this area. Very easily accessible and provide great opportunities for a little switch off, peace, or for amusement with small children.

People can just stop here for a little switch off from the everyday life, from the sparkling move of their days. There is playground and playing-fields like football and basketball too. As well you can take your time for readying a great book, yoga, or what quiet activity you would require for.

Olimpiai (Olympic) Park

Olimpiai (Olympic) Park

Honvéd tér (Defender Square): There is a nice park with a playground in the middle, as well football ground and ping pong table.

It provides great outside possibilities for amusement, the opening hours are changing according to which season we’re in.

This square is surrounded with unique bauhaus buildings with a modern layout and with comfortable but a bit expensive district heating. This complex of buildings was built for the employees of the   Ministry of Defense between the two World Wars. After tat it was renewed more and more times in the following periods.  

Honvéd Square

Playground on Honvéd Square

Vértanúk tere (Square of Martyrs) is a small square between Kossuth Square and the Szabadság Square. It is a popular tourist photo spot due to its spectacular monument of Nagy Imre, a former minister president of Hungary executed after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.



Nagy Imre Statue



In the daytime, it is like a centre of a sparkling hive, running business man and tourists from all part of the world are walking here around. The atmosphere and its moving, sparkling mode changes a huge for the evening, it becomes really quiet and peaceful, things get calm after the working hours, as just we can have the feeling that we would have been went out from Budapest.

All together it is a quiet, full panoramic place of the city, nice to live in here.

The elegant Falk Miksa street, lined with trees, starts North of the Parliament, and it gives place to antique shops and contemporary or classical art and furniture galleries in its elegant buildings, just near the Danube. It goes up to the lively Grand Boulvard. 

Falk Miksa street

Falk Miksa street

On the Northern tip is Margit (Margaret) Bridge which connects to Margit Island and the Buda side.  

Margit (Margaret) Bridge

Margit (Margeret) Bridge

Parliament view from Market Bridge

Margit Island is a large and green enough park to give the opportunity to relax and recreate in the city. There is a running track that goes around the island.

The following are here: a sport swimming pool (indoor- and outdoor pools and sundecks); Palatinus Beach, a small ZOO and a small botanical garden are also to be found on the island. Open-air pubs and terraces are open in summertime.


There are some good restaurants around the Parliament and the gastronomical opportunities are really colorful in this neighborhood, we can find everything, but really everything here around.

Here are located those Michelin star restaurants, for those a gourmet gladly make a trip here, classical historical hidden small Cafés, nice breakfast places, patisseries. The great colorful collection become completed with the new line restaurants, lots type of street food, and nice, local bars which are really famous between the students, expats living here.

Nearby Szabadság square is the very famous Hold street Market hall called ‘Belvárosi Piac’, starting from the Séf street till Lángos, and the variety is really wide, ‘Zing’, ‘Fruccola’ and ‘Nemsüti’ have one-one restaurants here around, as well one of the best bagels of the city we can find in Inez.

Really everyone can find a place where can request for the favorite food. Starting from traditional Hungarian food, amazing Wine Yards, Italian, Chinese, Cafés, bakeries with fresh prepared sweets and salty cakes….




Here are a great selection of the gastro representatives of this neighborhood:

Bontxo Baszk Restaurant, Tokaji borozó (Winery), Drop Shop Borbár és Borkereskedés (Winery and Wine Bar), Gyűrű Pub & Podium, Szeráj (Turkish food), Budapest Barbecue Company, Darband, Nagyi Palacsintázója (‘Pencakes of Grandma’, Hungarian special, unique and tasty pencakes how our grandmas prepare), Matula Bistro, Maláta Patika, Szlovák Sörö(Bier Pub), Il Classico Italiano, St. Andrea, Hummus bar, Bordizsár, SixLetter Coffee Co. - Specialty Coffee Bar & Breakfast, Brunch, Mazi Greek Kitchen, Java Caffé Kft, Pohárszék Bor & Kávé (Wine and Café), Tüköry Étterem, Via Luna Étterem és Kávéház (Restaurant and Café), Demmers Teahouse, Intermezzo Kávéház és Étterem (Café and Restaurant), Artizán Pékség (Bakery), Great Bistro - Vegán Restaurant, Bank3 Pencake Bár, Kamra Ételbár (Food Bar), Fruccola, Gelateria Pomo D'oro, Trattoria Pomo D'Oro, Terv Presszó, Mr. Funk, Első Pesti Rétesház (special and very tasty), Hummusbar, Kisharang Étkezde, Urban betyár, La Trattoria, Govinda Vegetáriánus Vegán Restaurant and Salad Bar, Hanoi Phở, Hungarikum Bisztró, Impostor Bar,  Buen Gulash, Nagy Fal Kínai Büfé (Chinese Buffet), Carpe diem Borbar (Winery), Tulipán presszó, Iguana Bar and Grill, Grey Goose Restaurant and Bar, Garibaldi Bisztró, Tulipán Bisztró, Grey Goose Restaurant and Bar, PICK Deli & Gourmet, Szamos Café, Pizza Eataliano, Budapest Bisztró, Da Mario Budapest, H8 Café & Youth Club, Alma Mater, Elysée Bistro & Kávéház (Bistro and Café), ROKFORT Restaurant, Biarritz Restaurant and Café, Mythos The Greek, Espresso Embassy, The Strawberry Project Budapest, Hedon Bazilika Taproom.



Unis located here are CEU (Central European University), Budapest Business School, BGE (Budapesti Economical University).




In this neighborhood we can find the Néprajzi (Enthnographic) Museum, Üvegház (Glass House), and Mentő (Ambulance) Museum too.

Néprajzi (Enthnographic) Museum on Kossuth Square

The Middle City, the basic of old Pest, was a commercial city at the beginning of 11th century. In the Turkish Regime time (1541-1686) the whole city was almost ruined, but after the Hungarian retake of Buda, Pest started its huge development period too. This time came into life the different outside parts of the city wall, like Terézváros, Józsefváros, Ferencváros, Lipótváros. The consequence of it was the break down of the City wall, and the start of the using of Belváros name. In 1838 a significant flood damaged the city, which created huge losses in here. Budapest was born in 1873, when Pest, Buda and Óbuda were engaged.




Hostels, hotels, Bed and Breakfasts are a lot here, it is easy to find out one which can fit to our taste.

Here are located for example: Home Plus Hostel, Full Moon Hostel, Parliament Penthouse B&B, Marmara Hotel, Sunflower Hostel, Residence Parliament, Hotel Parlament, Exclusive Budapest Residence, Vik Rooms Budapest, Gateway Budapest City Center, Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest, Hotel President, Four Seasons and Hotel Gresham too.




One of the most popular ones is Belvárosi Piac (Belvárosi Market Hall), which provides more varieties for food lovers, such as Buja Disznó for a nice meat (pork meat prepared in a really master way), The Chef Street, Lakatos Műhely, Csarnok Vendéglő.

Belvárosi Piac (Belvárosi Market Hall)

Belvárosi Piac (Belvárosi Market Hall)

Supermarkets around are for example Aldi, Lidl, Spar, Bio ABC, Gluten free shops, and for those who are flower lovers the ‘VirágNeked’.