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Ráday street area (inner 9th district) is located along the Ráday street, up from the Southern part of Grand Boulvard to Kálvin Square and to Liberty Bridge and back to Grand Boulvard along the Danube, to Boráros Square. It got named by Ráday Gedeon, an art collector and author.



This neighborhood represents very well a nice mixture of a modern metropolis and an old town characteristics. During the past years a significant developing, improvement wave was realized in this part of the city.



Central Market Hall: The Market Hall was built in 1897, based on the plans of Petz Samu. The entrance gate of the Market Hall was created from stone material, shows neogotic style characteristics.

The roof is covered by colorful ceramic of Zsolnay, by an old, exclusive Hungarian factory from Pécs. It provides a beautiful view for the top part of the Hall. The building size is 10 000 m2, in 1977 was pronounced for a national monument. During its past years it’s condition was unfortunately strongly damaged, but was renovated in 1994. In 1999 the building was awarded by one of the most significant international award, the a FIABCI Prix d’Excellence. In 2013 it was named as the Best Market of Europe by CNN Travel.


Main Road of Market Hall


Chocolate Shop in Market Hall


Meet Varieties


The Building of Market Hall


Bálna: Bálna is a cultural, commercial and gastronomical central point on the Bank of Danube. The main idea of Bálna was to create a significant and unique focus meeting point of the city. It connects to the Market Hall, the building of Corvinus University and Campus, and to Inner-Ferencváros.

Bálna has direct connect to the Danube and a „green” meeting point to Nehru Bank. It is very easy to access by bus, tram, ship, car, underground line, and as well by bike, which route is just located next to it. Valuable to visit if we would like to try nice gastronomical tastes, check out some traditional Hungarian handmade shops, visit a concert or just to sit outside and be delighted by the beautiful Danube and city panoramic view.

Bálna is a famous, unique vision element of Danube Bank and Budapest city view. From inner, mostly from all its parts, provides a wonderful view to the city, to Buda side too. From August 2013 till October 2013 a cultic vision game and video mapping was played here, on the time when the sun come down. This show was played on till its opening date, 8th November 2013.

Bálna provide places for different type of services, such as for amusement, or free time activities. For all restaurant, bistros, coffees located here, the direct and bank sided connection to the Danube – especially with the gorgeous terraces – is greatly ideal in tourists and free time spending point of views. There are amazing panoramic views in the „tail” of Bálna. On its first floor we can find bio and antique market. In the „head” part of it, are hold different varieties of events and markets. Its a place as well for the Nehru Bank ported ships’s travelers.


Bálna from bird view


Main entrance of Bálna


Handmade Bier House in Bálna


Bálna from inside


Inside architecture solutions of Bálna



Danube Bank with long bike road


Szabadság (Liberty) Bridge






Ráday street gives the connection between Kálvin and Boráros squares. It is a 900 m long significant zone of this neighborhood. Often called as Budapest Restaurant Street and fortunately the street presents its named characteristic: greatly we can find really nice gastro places here. For example here is (near by Kiskörút part) Costes, a Michelin star restaurant, and not so far from here Coffee Delion, the Hungarian gastro pub. As well the first ‘raclette’ place of the city, the “Holló és Róka” is located here. But we can find authentic Asian pancakes, ice lolly ice cream, and bubble gofri too :).

Next to this colorful gastronomical enjoyments, we can visit here the Ferencvárosi Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény (Ferencvárosi Place Story Collection) or Ráday Liberty. Ráday street is really popular about the pubs, coffees, restaurants and terraces. In the evening we can find here dj, jazz or other bands concerts, especially in the summer months we can feel the sparkling of this part of the city. You can discover more types of places: starting from cheep to highly expensive ones, from potato bar to traditional Hungarian restaurants. Earlier we could find here more underground and cultic pubs, but how this area became more popular, and became effected by its price increase, more of them moved.

Mostly classical buildings can be seen with bright and more cases renovated apartments. Building complexes are located by the corner of Kinizsi and Ráday street, and in Szőnyei street too. In the middle of Bakáts square, the old classical church provides a historical feeling, around by trees, giving us a little natural environmental feeling.

A nice walk is a great idea to do on the sunny and renewed Vámház Boulvard, with the Liberty Bridge and the Big Market Hall.

Danube Bank here consist of early modern bauhaus style buildings, from a time of the WW2, and from those the beautiful panoramic view to the Danube is opened for the people living here.

Modern business offices like IBM, NOKIA and New Riverside are here around.


Café on Ráday street


Ráday street


Ráday street




Ráday street


Ráday street





Fővám Square


Kálvin Square


Kálvin square



Bakáts Square


Csarnok Square


 Markusovszky Square


Public transport

By Boráros tér (square): trams (4-6, 2), bus (15, 115, 979, 979A, 212, 54, 55, 23E, 918, 223M, 923, 918), hév (H7), ship (D11),

By Fővám tér (square): underground line (M4), bus (15,115,979A, 979, 83), tram (48, 49, 47, 47B, 2)

By Kálvin tér (square): underground line (M4, M3), bus (15, 115, 979A, 914A, 9, 950A, 100E) tram (48, 49, 47)




Costes (Michelin Star Restaurant), Jedermann Café, Nándori Confectionery, Orfeusz Bier Pub, Viet Pho Bistro, MyChoccy The Chocolate Bar, Claro Bistro, Hoppácska, Pesti Bistro, WokZilla, Il Porto, Manga Cowboy! Inka Grill Bistro, Bonbonier, Bonbonier Chocolate, Holló és Róka, MAMO Gelato, Shiraz Restaurant, Petruska étkezde, El Bigote, Pink Cadillac CaliforniaVörös Postakocsi Restaurant​, Trattoria Za-Za Restaurant & Café,  Paprika Jancsi Restaurant, Fald Fel Amerikát – Restaurant and Bar, Royal Rasoi,  Púder Bar Theater, Cevap Grill, Rostélyos Étterem, McDonalds, Burger King, Pata, Leveses (Soup), Turkys Kebap, Wok Bar, Belazzo  


A nice Manga Cowboy Burger




Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem, Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, Semmelweis Egyetem (SOTE)

Next to the Danube is located two buildings of Corvinus Uni, in Lónyay Street we can find Károli Uni, and by the east part of this neighborhood are some parts of Semmelweis Uni (SOTE).


Corvinus Uni


Corvinus Uni


Corvinus Uni


Károli Uni


Károli Uni



We can discover in this neighborhood the Iparművészeti Múzeum (Museum of Applied Arts), Bibliamúzeum (Bible Museum), such as Budapest Music Center.



Hotels and Hostels located here, for example: Hello Amazing Budapest Lonyay, The Three Corners Lifestyle Hotel, Getaway Budapest, Budapest Art and Architecture Hotel, Ibis, Oasis Guest House Budapest, Mercure Budapest Korona etc.



One of the biggest market hall of the city, the previous mentioned Market Hall on Vámház körút is the most significant shopping place here. Express type of Tesco, Spar or Aldi represented around, but we can find nice handmade chocolate shops and lots of second hand shops too.