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It runs from Király Street on the South of Andrássy Avenue on the North and from Grand Boulvard on the West to Felső erdősor Street in the East.


The middle section of Andrássy Avenue (between Oktogon Square and Bajza Street) is a wide promenade with classical buildings on both sides, which can astound the visitior with their dimensions: high floors, large windows and richly decorated façades. Renovated luxury apartments face the avenue. A lot of rooftop projects were finished in the last decade in order to place new, premium apartments on the old buildings.

The luxury complex of 5 new and a classical building of Andrássy68 is a gated community with a landscaped inner park.

This part of Andrássy Avenue is more relaxed and green and wider than the other, shopping section in Topmost Andrássy District.


In the middle section of Király Street (starting outside of the Grand Blvd. and going upto the East end of the street) the crowd is always in motion, there are different kinds of moderately priced and cheap restaurants, food-bars in a row on both sides of the street: from the small Mini-maya foodbar with traditional home stye hungarian kitchen, Lybian food, KFC, Chinese food, Wurst Bar…  to Bécsi Szelet (meaning Wiener Schnitzel) Restaurant. On the corner of Király Street and Grand Boulvard there is a Starbucks as well.


In Hunyadi Square there is a market hall and an open-air market place and a tree planted green park with a dog field.  The square is enclosed by high buildings with penthouse apartments on the top floors, their balconies face the trees of the park. 


The Psychology Faculty of ELTE is seated in this neighbourhood and its Southern part is popular among veterinary medicine students, because they can get to their University fast by trolley or even on foot.


Underground (line nr. 1) goes under Andrássy Avenue creating a connection to both the 5th district and the City Park.