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Corvin 1-2., Corvin Promenade Quarter, 8th district

Corvin Promenade


Corvin Promenade Quarter is one of the most frequent central area of 8th district, concerning economy and traffic.

Since 2013 here we can find the biggest city center innovation project in Eastern Europe.

 It results a modern, green and cosy quarter of the inner circle of Budapest.

We can see a great mixture of historical civilian buildings and brand new houses.

 The project is the biggest Central- Europe city rehabilitation investment, located in the heart of Budapest, including 22 hectare city central area. As well it is the biggest in progress real-estate developement with its 500 000 m2 area for construction.

Corvin Promenade Quarter includes 2700 new apartments.

Corvin Promenade is an 800 m long pedestriants street of Budapest, in Corvin Promenade Quarter landscaped, Which awarded it as a new symbol of Budapest, as well a 10 000 m2 meeting point, built by Robert Townsend English landscape architect.

Corvin Promenade is an internationally famous and awarded area. In 2010 the project won the „The Best Multifunction Real-Estate Project of Europe” Award by Property Awards. Furthermore, it was awarded for the first place of Urban Land Institue (ULI) Global Award for Excellenceen which is known as the Oscar of real- estate developments.

The 22 hectare Corvin Promenade includes:

2800 new apartments, 150 000 m2 new offices, 10 000 new public areas and a unique K+F Center.

The 500th apartment of the project was sold in July 2007.

Some of the Project Parts:

Cordia Premier House: The first main stone was builton on 30th August 2006, the 180 new apartments included implementation was finished in February 2009. Built by „Bálint and Partner”.

Fontana House: The main unique characteristics of this house is that in its 60 apartments the fan-coil system is provided by geothermical energy. All in 240 new apartment was bulit in the house. The main builder is called Juhari Katalin (representative of M- Teampannon Company).

Cordia City Garden: Started on 27th May 2008, including 346 aparments. Based ont he high market  demand, most of these apartments were sold out fastly. Its main buliders were Csomay Zsófia and Lente András (from CET Budapest Kft. – Archiflex Studio).

Cordia Art Residence: It is the smalles part of the apartment projects, in Nagy Templom street, including 54 newly bulit apartments. On the frontispice of the house we can see the artwork of Kelemen Zénó, called Madárka.