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New Developments

Király 13., Party District (Once Jewish District), 7th district
Holló 10., Party District (Once Jewish District), 7th district

Gozsdu Yard



The Gozsdu Court was designed with the refurbishment of the monumental building, the building complex, which comprises a chain of buildings and courts, recovered its original façade appearance and its former function.

The history of one of Budapest’s most impressive building complexes dates back to the very beginning of the XXth century; the Gozsdu Foundation established by Manó Gozsdu began to plan the building complex consisting of seven buildings and six courts connecting them in the year 1900.

Apart from the refurbishment of Gozsdu Court, apartments, an underground parking space and an underground parking garage were developed on the Holló Street side of the building complex from 2001. In the area bordered by No. 13 Király Street, – Holló Street – No. 16 Dob Street, the stylish row of shops was also refurbished. During the refurbishment, 123 apartments were constructed in Gozsdu Court, while on the ground-floor and at the basement levels, 28 commercial and catering shop premises were established. On the plot located at No. 6 Holló Street, a parking garage for 238 cars was built.

Under the building located at Nrs. 10, 12, 14 Holló Street, at the basement levels, a parking space for a total of 98 cars was constructed, and for the first time in Hungary, a Holmes Place wellness center was built; on the ground-floor, 10 shop premises can be found and, in the five-storied buildings with loft space, 126 apartments were developed.