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ApartmentsOfBudapest.com is a residential rental and sale search website specified for Budapest property market. We are creating it to help to find the perfect match of an apartment, room and tenant or a new owner.

Our mission is to help for searchers that they can find their home in an enjoyable way in the exciting and great city, Budapest and for owners to quality promote their property internationally.

We highly focus on being up-to-date on Budapest residential market and to provide the best solutions for our advertisers and searchers by unique services, marketing tools and different type of advertising channels of our website.

By our work we reflect to the latest expectations of the home seekers, and can give an up-to-date overview of the liveability possibilities of Budapest - meant in a wide sense, because all components of life emerges during the home selection process: quality of the neighbor spaces, the local services, the architectural environment, interior design…

We focus especially on Budapest locations which have been going through quality changes, development, urbanisation, giving the joys and challenges of refined great Budapest life.


We offer apartment listings for rent and for sale, room listings for rent, specifically with Budapest and its suburb location, promoted internationally by our website engine. for long term: Apartments available for at least 1 year rental term.

Apartments for long term: Apartments available for at least 1 year rental term.
Apartments for months: Apartments available for some months long rental.
Apartments for days/weeks: Tourist accommodations.

Rooms in student apartments: Characteristically international students (from e.g. CEU, IBS, Corvinus, ELTE, BME, Semmelweis Uni, Szent Istvan Uni, ESSCA.., or participants of the Erasmus program) or young professionals (arrived for traineeship) rent these rooms, who live in common households. These rooms are in furnished, equipped apartments, located in the central.

We experienced that the starting and most important factors in the home selection process are the location, the location, and the location. So we built a liveability calculator, and we offer more ways to define the territory of your hunt: you can search by well-known large areas, by neighborhoods, or by keyword (e.g. street name).

We selected the listings into these popular categories as well:

Student apartments: Apartments, which are optimized for international students, e.g. well equipped (household appliencies, kitchen equipment,..); have separate rooms with study desk and chair; landlord supplies maintenance service and utility administration service.

Luxury apartments: Apartments with services which together ensure the possibility of a luxurious living.

New Developments and Conversation Buildings: These are new or some year old buildings, rooftop projects, or remodeled/transformed old buildings.

Seasonal listings: We collect the listings which are currently hot, e.g. in springtime we start to collect the student apartments which are available from September.

The search results can be shown as listings, or on map.

Our main home seekers are expats, professionals, international students, managers..., singles, pairs and families…. from all over the world (Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain, USA, Australia….), and international investors searching for great investment properties or for their new home in our great city, Budapest.


AoB was established in 2006 as one of the first online search engines in Budapest to create something new, unique, something great and else on the market. For nowadays it shows continuous growth in the number of visitors, in the past years it multiplied and is growing.

Many thanks for all our visitors for using ApartmentsOfBudapest.com!

We are very proud of achieving a new milestone in August 2017, when our new design and developed solutions turned into life. 

We work on the site with heart and focus highly on the recent needs and requests, that we can provide you our bests with unique services and web solutions.

Our Team members are residential market specialists with high knowledge and lot years experience of Budapest property market, professional IT developers working as great and fast as possible to solve everything, and we are very proud of being the professional partner of alberlet.hu, one of the best and significant real-estate ports offering apartments widespread in Hungary.


If you have questions, notes, please share with us, we read it thoughtfully and help us to figure out new ideas, solutions:
E-mail: Info@ApartmentsOfBudapest.com, Phone: +36 30 718 4320

For detailed information of each advertised apartment, please take the contact with the contact person defined in the 'Contact' field of the ad, who can help you to answer your questions, provide you detailed information about it.

You can directly contact us through the following form too:

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