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Welcome on ApartmentsOfBudapest.com (AoB), on the online focus point of international residents of Budapest.

AoB was established in 2006 as one of the first online search engines in Budapest to create something new, unique, something great and else on the market. For nowadays it shows continuous growth in the number of visitors, in the past years it multiplied and is growing. Many thanks for all our visitors for using ApartmentsOfBudapest.com. 
We are very proud of achieving a new milestone in August 2017, when our new design and developed solutions turned into life.

We offer apartment listings for rent and for sale, room listings for rent, specifically with Budapest and its suburb location, promoted internationally by our website engine.

You can advertise for rent for long-term (1 or 2 years), short term (months rental period) and even for days period (tourist accommodation). If your agency is more likely focused on sales, you can list your apartments in our sale listings.

Our main home seekers are expats, professionals, international students, managers..., singles, pairs and families…. from all over the world (Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain, USA, Australia….), and international investors searching for great investment properties or for their new home in our great city, Budapest.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on Info@ApartmentsOfBudapest.com and by phone on +36 30 718 4320.

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