Ihr Platz in Budapest


Király 6, Alter Jüdischer Bezirk, 6. Bezirk

Central Passage



Here around are located Gozsdu Yard, Deák Ferenc Square, Erzsébet Square, as well as Andrassy Avenue, Váci Street etc. All these areas around provides the very middle central part of the city.

The Passage line is 2 floor high and cross forward 4 inner yards.

The whole complex is above a 2 level large underground parking. On its ground floor and first floor offices, shops, restaurants and different varieties of services are located.

Starting from the 3rd floor we can find only apartments. The complex highest parts includes 9 floors, in total 271 apartments were created in it. There sizes are between 34 and 130 m2. It has 2 roofed inner yard and was handed over at 2005.

The project was developed by Fadesa Hungary Rt. The main goal of the development was to sparkle and raise the spirit and move of the area. The Spanish developer created a little labyrinth feeling and with different layout and different architectural solution building extensions.

The building complex is from more sides opened, it’s ground floor part is full of restaurants, bars for example Hummus Bar, Antré, Burger Market, Coin Bar, Belvárosi Disznótoros, Vakvarjú and cafés like Coffee Market, Avenue Café as well  clubs like Gödör Club, and lots common spaces too.

How we enter into, we just get a great multicultural feeling. Its just provide us, as we wouldn’t be in Budapest, more likely in the middle of a sparkling hive.