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For Erasmus season 2019in Budapest city center 4 ...

Gelistet von:
Charly Controtempo
Charly Controtempo


Horváth Mihály Platz
8. Bezirk
Corvin Promenade Bezirk
Grosse Zentrale Pest Seite

Kreuzung: Baross utca


Miete falls:

Ort Eigensch.

Im 15 Minuten zu Fuss
  • Semmelweis University (SOTE)
  • ELTE Psychology
  • Corvinus University
  • Technical University (BME)
  • Pazmany University - Pest
In der Naehe von
  • tram line 4-6
  • underground line 3 (blue line, Medical University)
  • underground line 4
  • bus line 9

Wesentliche Daten

  • Verfügbar ab: jetzt
  • Schlafzimmer: 4
  • Zimmer: 4
  • Badezimmer: 1
  • Indoor size: 16 m2
  • Separate rooms: 4
  • Guest toilet: 3
  • Own yard: Has
  • Heating: Gas-heating (hera)
  • Light: average
  • Aussicht: Faces courtyard
  • Students are welcomed!
  • Parking: In the street for fee
  • Apartment
  • Classical building
  • Building cond: renovated
  • Apartment cond: renovated
  • 1ter Stock aus 1
  • Ohne Fahrstuhl
Apartment Features
  • quiet bedroom
  • simular size bedrooms
Apartment Equipments
  • microwave oven
  • toaster
  • Wi-Fi router
  • hair-dryer
  • washing machine
  • clothes stand
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • fridge
  • towel
Apartment Services
  • ready-to-use WiFi internet
Apartment Features
  • gallery (loft space)
  • quiet apartment
  • lockable rooms
  • high ceiling
  • original decorations
  • green courtyard
  • bright stairway
                                    in Budapest city center indipendent private rooms flat in the center. TAke a look at the feedbacks below the photos ;-) just add/write me on f b i am Charly Controtempo, u can find the photo album here
Location:Horvath Mihaly ter.
Close to Mc Donald at the cross between Joszef Korut and Baross utca,(Harminckettessek ter tram 4/6 stop) Behind the church in Horvath Mihaly ter,is a little pedestrian street close to car traffic,with university at the end (BKF)

The trasportation available are optimal:
-tram 4 or 6 stop Joszef Korut (Harminckettessek tere/Mc Donald)(to BME,ecc)
-bus 9 (to Kalvin ter and Deak Ferenc), (te ELTE, Pazmany,Ceu,ecc)
-night bus 909 (same of daily 9)
-bus 89 (to Fovam ter and Kalvin ter),(to Corvinus,Semmelweiss,ecc)
-Metro 4 in Kalvin ter+Racokzi ter,
-Metro 3 in corvin 

Is very well close and linked to the university of technology,economics,veterinary,medicine,letters and catholic university (bkf,BME,ELTE,Corvinus,Pazmany,Semelweiss,CEU,ecc.)
FOr Example of route and time please take a look under to photo i post the complete time to university

Its at 1 floor, NO TRAFFIC NOISE! the flat is completely renewed,the neighbourhood is very quite and calm. The condominium is very silent.
The flat is fully furnished.Furniture NEW:Washing machine-Microwave-Bathroom air conditioning thermostat temperature selectable with remote control-Kitchen,gas top and and electro owen.

The rooms are completely private indipendent with a wood galery/loft in each room that separate a "studio" zone from a "night" zone.
The flat has big perimetral wall (50cm)and the rooms have WOOD FLOOR with hollow space behind (VERY WARM) the windows are DOUBLE glass and,so the winter is not so cold and the rooms heating system is gas and is cheap.
-Wi-fi fiber connection is on.

Neighbourhood are Stex (kitchen cheap and open till 4 am),Mc Donald,CBA supermarket,Plus discount,chinese restaurant,non stop market,DVD rent,pubs,ecc                              
Charly Controtempo

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