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Budapest renter's guide


Timeline for renting: When you have found your ideal apartment it may take time to move in. If the owner is an individual, and the apartment is a cheaper one mostly, you can sign a contract at the monent and reserve the apartment with a part of the deposit, or you can pay the whole deposit and the first month’s rent, and you can take the keys on the spot. In case of more valuable apartments it takes more time to formulate the contract, to list every piece of equipment in the inventory. In case of property management companies you have to go to the company office to sign the contract. They prefer having a day for preparing the contract and arranging contract details and the signatories data properly.

Internet/cable tv subscription: You can subscribe to internet/tv service via email on the supplier website, or personally in the office. When your request is registered by the supplier (if you do it personally it happens at the moment, if you send an email it takes 2-3 working days), they ask you for a date within 2-3 days to set up the service in your apartment, at that time you have to be at home to allow the serviceman to enter. Now, it is possibile to subscribe for the service for a short term of only 2 months as well, in case of some companies (for example UPC), if you stay in Hungary for only a few months’ time.

Mobile internet: Mobile internet is very popular in Hungary, you can use it anywhere in Budapest. In case of a 1-year-long contract you will have a very fast mobile connection for the same price as cable internet. The disadvantage is the download/upload limit which is about 5 GB/month. There is the possibility to buy a prepaid package as well.